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Effect Of Alcohol & Drug Addiction On Student Life

Alcohol and drug addiction can have a devastating effect on students and their academic and personal lives. Addiction can affect students of all ages from high school to college and beyond. It is essential to understand how addiction can affect student life and what is the role of a de-addiction centre in addressing these issues.


Substance abuse, knowingly or unknowingly, can affect students in many ways, such as a decline in academic performance, relationship problems, physical and mental illness, etc. Students with addiction are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Substance abuse gradually exacerbates these conditions, worsening symptoms and increasing the risk of self-harm or suicide, which can have long-term consequences on future employment and career prospects.

However, the right support at the right time helps students recover from addiction and reclaim their lives. In this regard, drug de-addiction treatment plays a vital role in providing personalized treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of the students.

At Adarsh Rehabilitation Home, individuals with drug and alcohol addiction can receive the care and attention they need to manage their mental health conditions and improve their quality of life.

The Role of Rehabilitation Centres in treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction: -

De-Addiction centres provide professional help and guidance to students struggling with addiction. These centres have trained professionals who specialize in addiction treatment and provide a safe and supportive environment for students to recover. They offer a variety of treatment options, including detoxification, therapy, counselling, and support groups.

The Treatment plan involves a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, group therapy, family therapy, individualized therapy, etc. These therapies can help students address underlying issues that may have contributed to their addiction and develop healthy coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

Apart from this, it also provides 24X7 professional support, training, and guidance during and after the treatment to tackle any challenges that disturb your mental health.

Adarsh Home is the best de-addiction treatment centre which provides all facilities to provide first-class service at affordable cost. To date, it has successfully treated 5000+ patients who have mental illnesses due to substance abuse, life events or work overload, etc.

 Effects of alcohol and drug abuse on students: -

In the present context, students are under pressure to balance academics, extra-curricular activities, and social life together.

They are more prone to undergo stress, anxiety, and depression. They take alcohol and drugs to cope with these mental conditions and this affects them mentally and socially.

Here are some of the major effects of alcohol and drug addiction on student life when seeking rehabilitation treatment can help them overcome it.

1.Impact on Academic Performance


One of the most significant effects of alcohol and drug addiction on student life is the impact on academic performance. Research studies show that drug and alcohol abuse leads to loss of concentration, memory impairment, and decreased motivation, making it difficult for students to focus on their studies. Additionally, students who struggle with addiction may skip classes or assignments, which can lead to poor academic performance.

2. Social Life: -

Alcohol and drug addiction can affect student's social life to a great extent. Substance abuse can lead to isolation and alienation from friends and family, causing students to feel disconnected and alone. Additionally, it also gives rise to many risky behaviours, such as driving under the influence or engaging in unsafe sexual practices, which can have long-term consequences.

3. Physical and Mental Health: -

Alcohol and drug addiction can have a significant impact on a student's physical and mental health. Drug and alcohol abuse leads to a variety of health problems, such as liver damage, heart disease, and respiratory problems. In addition, substance abuse can exacerbate mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and lead to the development of new mental health disorders.

Peer pressure, social media, the influence of society, or workload whatever may be the cause of substance abuse trusted alcohol and de-addiction centre can provide the tools and resources to return to normal life and lead a healthy, happy life.


Adarsh Home has become the first choice for people battling alcohol or drug addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. Book an appointment today and gain all the skills like time management and coping mechanisms to face life's challenges, without turning to drugs or alcohol. It also helps you maintain sobriety and succeed in your academic and personal lives.