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Engage in Holistic Development with Diverse Co-Curricular Activities!

Embark on a journey of well-rounded growth through a rich array of activities at our institution. Elevate physical fitness with Pilates, Capoeira, and Archery. Stimulate mental agility in Chess Championships, Trivia Nights, and VR Challenges.

Nurture spiritual well-being with Ayurveda Workshops, Mindful Walking, and Energy Healing. From adrenaline-pumping sports to mindful meditations, our 100+ activities cater to every facet of your holistic development. Join us on this path to balance, resilience, and self-discovery!

*Physical Activities*

Pilates Classes:

Core Strengthening Workouts

Mat and Reformer Sessions

Parkour Workshops:

Urban Movement and Obstacle Training

Zumba Dance Fitness:

High-Energy Dance Workouts


Brazilian Martial Art and Dance Fusion

Archery Club:

Archery Training Sessions

Target Shooting Competitions

Ultimate Frisbee:

Regular Games and Tournaments

Ultimate Frisbee:

Regular Games and Tournaments

*Mental Exercises*

Chess Championships:

Chess Competitions

Strategy Workshops

Trivia Nights:

General Knowledge Quizzes

Trivia Competitions

Critical Thinking Seminars:

Analytical Problem Solving

Decision-Making Workshops


Creative Journaling Workshops

Reflective Writing Sessions

Language Club:

Poetry Reading Circles

Multilingual Storytelling

Virtual Reality (VR) Challenges:

VR Puzzle Games

Immersive Learning Experiences

Psychological Well-being Talks:

Mental Health Awareness Sessions

Coping Strategies Workshops

Escape Room Challenges:

Team-Based Puzzle Solving

*Spiritual Practices*

Community Service Projects:

Volunteering Opportunities

Social Impact Initiatives

Mindful Walking:

Walking Meditation Sessions

Labyrinth Walks

Ayurveda Workshops:

Introduction to Ayurvedic Practices

Holistic Health Talks

Energy Healing Sessions:

Reiki Workshops

Crystal Healing Circles

Mind-Body Connection Retreats:

Integrated Wellness Retreats

Body-Mind Awareness Workshops

Feng Shui and Vastu Consultations:

Harmonizing Spaces for Well-being

Community Drum Circles:

Rhythmic Meditation

Drumming Workshops

Aromatherapy Sessions:

Essential Oils and Relaxation

DIY Aromatherapy Workshops

Culinary Meditation:

Mindful Cooking Classes

Cooking as a Therapeutic Practice

Yoga Philosophy Classes:

Understanding the Spiritual Roots of Yoga

Sustainable Living Talks:

Eco-friendly Lifestyle Choices

Holistic Parenting Workshops:

Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of Children