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  Providing World-class Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Treatment

We are one of the best treatment center in Odisha for neuropsychiatric disorder, alcoholic & drug addiction treatment facility.

  We at Adarsh rehabilitation home designed a harmonious combination of some programs like meditation, Yoga, music therapy, Physiotherapy, psychotherapy, exposure therapy, psychodynamic therapy and much more to treat the complicated psychiatric ailment. Physical well-being mental Wellness and spiritual healing is the essential part of the program. We have divided the treatment into three parts psychopharmacology treatment therapeutically treatment and socialization process.

 Psychiatric ailment and addiction are a curse to the family as well as the society it creates a lot of disturbance and hopelessness among the guardian of the patient. The Guardian always stays in a dilemma about the treatment and recovery of the patient. So Adarsh home designed a self-diagnosis chart to help the guardian diagnosis the problem and give them a assurance about the recovery time.

  We as an institution are working in the field of psychiatric disability and de-addiction with a collective experience of more than hundred years. Our utmost priority is to help addicts and psychiatric patient through our innovative and proven model of treatment. A patient can do lots of things in life through practicing the Adarsh principles in their life and they can achieve anything through our socialization process. we developed a human being who is loving and living a meaningful life.

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We have helped 3000+ patients to back in mainstream!

We had to do lots of things in life through practicing the principles of life we can achieve more. We developed as a human being who is loving and living a meaningful life.

We Assist In

Prevention to Rehabilitation

It’s really an easy process which can be conducted staying directly or indirectly under the supervision of experts. It’s a bunch of activities like counseling, medication, meditation and much more. It can be directly or indirectly observed and guided by an experienced one. The counseling is done by the clinical psychologists and the medication will be given by the top psychiatrist in India. The activities must be done by the patient thoroughly to get the best results.

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Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention skills are essential to learning to live a happy life in recovery. Recovery from alcohol or other drugs is a process of personal growth with developmental milestones.

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Mental Rehabilitation

Psychosocial rehabilitation is the process that facilitates opportunities for persons with chronic mental illness to reach their optimal level of independent functioning in society.

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Mood Disorder

Mood Disorder involves a combination of medication and psychotherapy which is conducted by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other health professional.

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder

ASD is a complex developmental condition that involves persevering challenges in social interaction, speech and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. The effect of ASD and the symptoms varies from each and every person. The diagnosis is done by 6 expert’s team of psychiatrists. We provide the medicine accordingly. The needful therapies are given to the patient to recover as soon as possible from the complex ailment.

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Bipolar Disorder

It’s a psychiatric disease in which the patient suffers from a severe mood swing. Sometimes the patient gets extremely high and sometimes the patient gets very low. The reason of the disease is still unknown but we have an effective treatment plan to stabilize the patient.

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Alcohol Detoxification

we provide the withdrawal prevention medication and the process to detoxify the body of Alcoholics. A complete guideline is given to the patient about the activities a patient will have to do during the treatment. there is also a relapse prevention planning given to the patient after treatment. We will make the patient’s body free from the adverse effect generated by discontinuation of alcohol intake suddenly.

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Alcohol Deaddiction

It’s a crucial state of body and mind in which both of it becomes dependent upon the substance. for the best treatment of the alcohol dependency we need to arrest the body and mind then provide the proper medication to counter the withdrawal symptoms created by the alcohol consumption. the world-class therapies are given to the patient for fast recovery and to maintain a disciplined life. the patient is taught and given example of living a normal life without alcohol and medicines. the counseling is done by the best counselors of this era in India. there is also a socialization process of the treatment in which we teach them to act accordingly to the situation and not to react.

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This disease is a group of thinking and social symptoms that interferes with daily works. It’s not a specific disease it's a group of condition characterized by impairment of at least two brain functions. Sometimes the symptoms are forgetfulness, limited social skills and thinking disability.

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  Post Treatment Support

Self Aanalysis Chart to know whether you really need a rehabilitation home!

We had prepared a chart for the guardian of the patient regarding lifestyle and the general activities done by him. It will be easy for the guardian to track the activities and we will be able to diagnose the patient properly. The chart helps us to recognize the disease and inform the guardian about the disorder and its treatment and prevention planning of the disease. it also helps to give a perfect treatment plan to the guardian.

TOP 10 Reasons Why You Consider Adarsh Home

 Adarsh Home prioritizes complete recovery, employing a comprehensive treatment strategy that encompasses medicine, counseling, and consultations delivered right to the patient's doorstep.

  Our team consists of a panel of experienced mental health professionals, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care and support tailored to their individual needs.

  Adarsh Home stands out by offering round-the-clock psychiatric emergency services, providing immediate assistance to patients in crisis.

  We are committed to guiding patients from traumatic conditions to dignified life platforms, focusing on their journey to recovery and personal growth.

Offering transparency through daily updates via a specific user URL for guardians and a dedicated relationship manager, ensuring clear and constant communication about the patient's progress.

  Identifying and catering to the patient's areas of interest, Adarsh Home provides over 150 activities to nurture skills, fostering personal development during the recovery process.

  With a wide range of personalized therapies, including 52 individual therapies and 15 group therapies, we offer diverse approaches to address the unique needs of each patient.

  Regular knowledge-sharing sessions empower both guardians and patients to understand the disease better, facilitating preventive measures and informed decision-making.

  Beyond psychiatric consultation and medicine, Adarsh Home integrates Ayurveda, naturopathic, therapeutic, neuropathic, spiritual, and evidence-based activities, providing a 360-degree treatment experience.

  Adarsh Home goes the extra mile by offering post-treatment plans, ensuring continued support and assistance as patients transition back into their daily lives.