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Our Facilities

Adarsh Home is a comfortable and private retreat for the people who seek confidentiality and a comfortable treatment facility.

Our infrastructure is designed on the lines with the best-in-class amenities where a person lacks for nothing.

We work hard to provide the best services because love and care are the best ways to be closer to the patient.

Our 6 weeks to 20 weeks programs are highly effective and classified into “Voluntary” and Open programs. We use an individualized case management process for each client based on their needs.

  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Facility for Ladies, Gents, and Senior Citizens

  Hygienic Rooms and Peaceful Environment
  Specialist & Super Specialist on demand
 Round the Clock Emergency Service
  Comfortable Personalised accommodation
  State of the art Rehab
  Customised Diet Plans
  In-house Physician
  Prayer Room
  On-site Psychologists
  Ambulance facility
  fasEntrainment Facility
  Personalised Service
  24/7 Security
  Laundry Service
  Meditation & Yoga Classes
  Regular Health Check-up