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Outpatient Treatment Package

Consultation Fees Starts at Rs. 999 Only

Doctor Consultation, Diagnosis, Prescription, Test Advice, Treatment Advice, etc.

Experience comprehensive outpatient care with our Outpatient Treatment Facility. From doctor consultations to diagnosis, prescription, test advice, and treatment guidance, our expert team ensures your health needs are met without disruption.

Comprehensive Consultation

Access expert medical care with thorough doctor consultations.

Receive detailed diagnosis and personalized treatment advice.

Prescription Services

Obtain prescribed medications conveniently on-site.

Ensure continuity of care with our in-house pharmacy services.

Diagnostic Support

Comprehensive diagnostic services for accurate health assessments.

Receive timely and precise insights for informed decision-making.

Test Advice

Expert advice on necessary tests for your health concerns.

Access to advanced testing facilities for a thorough assessment.

Treatment Guidance

Receive expert guidance on suitable treatment plans.

Ensure seamless continuity of care with our outpatient services.

Convenient and Efficient

Quality care without the need for overnight stays.

Streamlined processes for efficient and effective outpatient treatment.