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Daycare Treatment Package

Starts at Rs. 1599 Per Day

Experience healing with our Daycare Treatment Package, starting at just 1599 per day. Tailored therapies, compassionate counseling, and a supportive community await, providing solace and support to your unique healing journey.

Affordable Healing

Access comprehensive care without the need for overnight stays, starting at an affordable rate.

Pay only for the days you choose to receive care.

Tailored Therapies

Individualized treatment plans addressing your specific needs.

Enjoy personalized attention from our team of compassionate professionals.

Flexible Schedule

Daytime sessions seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

Ideal for structured support without disrupting your life.

Holistic Well-being

Diverse therapeutic modalities promoting mental, emotional, and physical health.

A caring environment fostering natural healing.

Expert Guidance

Dedicated team of professionals offering insightful analysis and unwavering support.

Real-time adjustments to treatment plans for evolving needs.